MaxDim Duo


MaxDim Duo by Seaton Engineering. Two MaxDim dimmers in one small package for certified and experimental aircraft. The complete unit is shown above! No heatsinks because there’s negligible heat! No separate control modules! The simplest installation possible. Weighs 1 ounce! STC SA01800SE included for certified aircraft.

Control 2 dimmer circuits in one small package!

The MaxDim Duo is the follow-on product to the wildly popular MaxDim, single circuit panel dimmer.

Does your aircraft have an old dual dimmer control?

Whether it’s an old hot rheostat, or a later unit with solid state control circuits, the MaxDim Duo is the definitive answer to wasted power and dangerous overheating.

Power control circuits almost always produce heat. The more efficient the circuit, the less heat is produced as wasted power. Rheostats are the worst offenders. Solid state controllers are a step up from rheostats, but if they employ a heatsink, they are also wasting power. There have been cockpit fires caused by faulty wiring and subsequent failure of control circuits.

With the MaxDim Duo you get the best of both worlds. Nearly heatless power control, simple installation, in a cost-effective package. And now, fit 2 dimmers in the same panel space as 1!


  1. 12 VDC - 35 VDC

  2. 0 - 15 Amps per circuit (2 circuits)

  3. Internal temperature protected: +85° C

  4. STC & PMA approved

  5. Conforms to RTCA/DO-160E Sec 21: RFE (EMI)

  6. One Year limited warranty

  7. Weight: 1 oz (28.3g)

Comes with:

• MaxDim Duo 9100-001-D (ring lug)

  1. Concentric Knobs

  2. Mounting hardware

  3. Wiring connectors

  4. STC SA01800SE

  5. Panel label


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